Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Rabbi Jidni Elmah, Rab (Allah)! Please enlighten me with wisdom filled knowledge from your's knowledge bank.


Maybe u love or hate Islam. Or maybe u very proudly like to  say u r a muslim, but shame on u,  that u yourself hardly follow any  Islamic act ie.,  hardly follow the qur'an & sunnah (teachings) of prophet mohammad saw.

The beautiful fragrance of atar (cologne/ perfume) can refresh & fullfill ur mind & heart,  only when the best flowers are extracted ignoring the pains of its throngs, then carefully processed. Similarly, if u need the true fragrance of life,  u need to extract its beauties. How? By containing the evil that whispers in ur mind. Bcoz it dosen't alllow (by distracting) u by making u think yourself being either a a racist, bigot or half scientist when it comes to choosing the rite faith. Whereas when it is for any other decision it rather helps u being rationale, well   educated decision-maker.

So obvious,  yet so obscure. Don't underestimate the power of this evil to fool u!! It, if left unchallenged, will always succeed in choosing the wrong priorities or by creating foolish pride keep u away from the true enlightened path. Any stupid that follows religion will defend his wasted times saying those..its telling u now. Ask it - being a muslim (or non muslim) u have read hundreds of text, non text books, y not qur'an? Wot harm lies reading that scripture? Wud u have lost ur religion or knowledge? Rather it will increase ur knowledge profoundly not accounting believing part,  if u chose.

Its ur rite to know the truth but not through a liar jinn (genie) or an extremist religious clergy or corrupt politician. None of  these read the qur'an but quotes it for blasphemy. Blasphemy is profitable in the world of greedy fools,  but in reality most expensive. It earns ETERNAL hell. So don't rely on others in choosing the only freeway out of 10 that will not drive u towards deadend.
Retreart to ur study for just half an hour, everyday - if untainted truth is wot u seek. U will inshallah (allah willing) feel & see the ultimate purity & beauty of life. Then start extracting the unexplainable, nonshareable (feeling of chaste & bliss) from the unfathomable ocean of fragrance that makes u the most peace loving beautiful creation - ashraful makhlukat (Qur'an about human beings superiority amongst all creations of Allah).

Monday, 6 November 2017


An ayah from qur'an.


The macho of america with a witty face. The brainwash of america with an ego bigger than this world, but who doesn't luv an womanizer in a country of big deal. used to b one of my favorites but that was then.

a really heart warming story of a true american dream survivor. a little warning thou for the muslim youths - its a giant rat race for duniya rewarded heavily to one once in a blue moon or more, chosen from out of 100s of millions tom cruises where millions loose out so heavily that there stories if collected & written by someone like ernest hemingway they would hav been a benchmark of the true & dangerously hidden ugly face of apparently seen all shine & glitters society, survival for the fittest but to who never explained & never told stories that to make one probably thousand hav to give themselves away not knowing y in a such a wealthy & resourceful society they hav to make such a massive sacrifice just for trying something they r good at! an unforgiving & ruthless god they hav, rite? and this sam means bizness! 

r we not glad as muslims to b in the middle path fearing none other than allahs rules in achieving purity, piety & peacefullness? neither rat races r permissable nor ruthless, unforgiving sams r allowed who spends billions to maintain clowns, both americans (in the embassies) & foreigns like bashar al asads. but, never made it to the charts johnny was a shooting star kinds can even find a little consolation from the one who took oath to primarily protect every americans from such ill fate & ensure never shud such mishap happen to another american again. they prefer rather to make it a volatile, unfriendly world instead, the policy which seems to hav become a religion after true rivals borises, to quasi rival ayatullahs, onto no threat to islamic ummah by instigating or trap setting evil lies & acts. all the time forgetting that their true threat lies inside their lost & not much morality trained young generations & the ignorance is growing towards the fallout of a generation. 

now back to muslim youths, also neither r we allowed the other extreme all rites forfeiting only a few elites know all, every major decisions centrally decided, control freak totalitarenian communist kind. bcoz it defies allahs given rite to every individuals to choose essentials of life & living, to speak freely, rites to ownership of assets, allow to use ones knowledge & common sense in his family/ social lifes critical decision & most importantly allow everyone to choose & practice faith etc.. so, while watching this or other similar foreign non belivers style uplifting the spirits stories, please keep in ur mind the virtues & wisdom of the biographies of prophet mohammad saw, his salafs, tabeins & the famous aulias who sunnahs & lifestyles guides us in the treacherous duniya thru the middle path upto jannah inshallah. and that is the only route to find the rite way not just a way, bcoz only truth satisfies allah. 

note: my dear americans do u think i m a bit too temperamental & passionate about MY lifestyle islam? isn't tom cruise is about america in top gun? mayb thats y i liked him bcoz its in line with mine. 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Rabindra Dhara



Re: Forgive my tiredness, O my lord (A song by Rabindranath Thakur)


If u find the above link blocked then here is a link to another song of his: Shokhi (Gf), worry? wot is the meaning of it? 


Added the above URL on 24/7/17.

I hav posted a song of rabindranath thakur, the noble laureate literary genious of shanti nekaton, bolpour, west bengal, India. He is the undisputed king of bangla literature & also highly respected in this country's literary circle. Being a hindu of brahmin caste, unlike hindus he was a monotheist. There are deep links of monotheism in his literary works, including the song i had shared in the above link.

Althou in my opinion in there I had suggested that due to old "bad" habits die hard & the present music industries possibly only reliance on nudity,  slangs, violence etc. we are fortunate to say RTs songs are sort of relief for tasteful music lovers. However, thinking beyond this benefit there r also negative aspects we need to look at also.

Y the caution? bcoz as Muslims we have the glorious Quran with its ever truth ayahs which are recited with emotion in sweet heart touching melodious ways which, when recited sounds to many kafirs (non believers) who never heard telawat before as the sweetest non instrumental melodies they have ever heard. Same for the Muslims - Subhanallah, say glory to Allah who has given us not only the life's manual but also made it so refreshing & entertaining reciting it. So its better to leave the vague & haram & submerge in the melodious Quranic way of life.

RT being the s'peare of the subcontinent & a monotheist, from time to time deeply gets into our conscious by breaking complex socio, economic, relationship or other fiction, non fiction, erotic, spiritual, matters highlighting them through beautiful application of literary words, emotion tantalizing geniousness. His talents may reach beyond our perception but then at a certain stage he also leaves the scene, like us not being able to explain the coz, affects & most importantly remedies if needed. Whereas Quran never leaves any of ur answers unanswered.

As known most of the so called Muslim rulers here had a private ball room called Khas Mahal in the palace where there would be alchohol n women (who wud b called "bai"s & with rare few exceptions mostly nonmuslims). Other than these few outcasts no one cud even imagine any Muslim girl dancing anywhere. But since RTs time the Muslims fell for his monotheism & Muslim girls from middle class societies were not prevented from learning dances in various skools set up to train rabindra ways or dhara. Since then within a century wot sort of dirty dancing Muslim girls are not performing almost anywhere? How subtly & shrewdly shytwan keeps progressing for Muslims to fall behind, deceive into the wrong route in the name of catching up & keeps us disillusioned  to get destroyed with out having rahmah & barakah due to commitment to haram.

Just a while ago I was looking at a heated debate whether a statue not worshipped (yet) is a statue? Lol. These r really our future leaders? Allah help us to get rid of the shytwan that is creating shrewd but stupid debates within the nation, creating animosity among us, buying time for the destruction of the rare communal harmonies between 90% muslims & rest Hindu, Christian Buddhists motherland, Bangladesh.

Thursday, 20 July 2017




A caption in bangla that I wrote today in my post. Ran it thru one of the most popular n highly rated translator apps. Wot an artificially intelligent liar n crook software it is. Smart acts shown in paranthesis of translated english print below.

Its a geneious liar at work. Writing the opposite of wot I am calling not necessarily the best option, hinting n teasing the shytwan helped parkinson disease on me falsely on Quran which says sorcery is haram n in asteriks keeping a few key words n changing/ deleting a few, a whole new summary with totally new meaning which is outrageous, ignorant n blashphemeous on Islam. Wot an evil  progression of a software that reflects the Islam hater governments agenda of distorting the facts of muslims as well as their religion Islam.

Translation of Bangla caption below:

Salam Those who find the old songs of the past, the scandalous language of the present age, and the opportunity to take (a little bit of a little bit from the unspeakable pop culture). But it is also a bad habit, as well as possible (shaking of the eternal verses of the Qur'an), and finding itself in the loving **world of peace and emotional recitation or listening to peace in the world is an insignificant aspect of the sacred lip and tune of wisdom.**

সালাম৷ যারা পুরোন দিনের গানের মধ্যে খুজে পায় বর্তমান যুগের অশ্লীল ভাষা এবং অংগ ভংগীতে ভরা অপসংস্কৃতি থেকে সামান্য একটু শ্বাস নেয়ার সুযোগ৷ তবে এটাও বদঅভ্যাস, যতদ্রুত সম্ভব ঝেড়ে ফেলে দিয়ে কুর'আনের শাশ্বত আয়াতগুলোর অতুলনীয় ছন্দময় এবং আবেগময় তিলাওয়াত করা বা শুনার প্রশান্তির প্রেমময় জগতে নিজেকে খুজে নিয়ে অতুলনীয় সুন্দরের ভক্তিতে মগ্ন হওয়াটাই পকৃত লিপি এবং সুর চেনার বিজ্ঞ লক্ষন৷

The blog where the caption was given.

Sunday, 18 June 2017



Mashallah a post by Munirah Qahtan that beautifully illustrates a true beievers stage of being close to achievng his ultimate luv of allah. We shud b grateful to her & wish her all the best in her devotion.


This Is Our Aqeeda:

[Do prisons 'really' come perfumed?]

Sitting alone in this room (my cell) i look back to when i used to be free. Free from all restrictions.

That free bird has been caged now. In past i used to wonder what this phrase really meant, "prisons come perfumed"?

Now that i too am in one, i feel what that fragrance is. Allāh brought me out of that fake world of fake people. Brought me out of all those chains of fake friendships and emotions, and brought me close to Himself, where what i see now is Him, what i seek is Him, what i hear is Him, what i feel is Him. Everything is "Him" now!

As i have nothing to look forward to now , i have only Him to look up to. And thus when i looked at Him - at last - after years and years of distraction by fake people - i realized i was looking at the Beauty i had never set my eyes upon. Though my Lord is not visible to the apparent eye, but is visible to the Heart.

I felt His presence in a way i had never felt in my whole life. My Love - my Lord - brought me close to His Eyes through thus imprisonment.

So why should i hate being here, when i feel the Fragrance of His Presence here? If "this" is where He wants me , then here i am, His slave, fully submitted with my head bent in sujūd. My tears tell the story of my heart to Him all the time. And He Listens, you know. Listens to all my pains, with Love and Care.

So why to cry over lost freedom when i have my Loving Lord by my side?

I found the peace i was searching for.

So yes, they have very rightly said; the prisons come perfumed.

[Diary Of a Prisoner (A Bleeding Soul)]


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Earn 7 Billions & Even More



Unfortunately, I cudn't find any names that does charity for the two highly distressed Muslim countries from Bangladesh. Heard about Muslim aid b4 n that's all, hopefully inshallah reliable. Seems they r running extensive, yet very insignificant amounts compared to the massive cash required for the very minimals of the basics required to keep people alive. Like water for cleaning, cooking, drinking, douching etc - stop rite there n think yorself w/o water n not able to perform these basics for 6 months to year(s)! These peoples r not being treated by bashar n his western sponsors as humans anymore. Muslims must do the least for their brethens. Otherwise we will b asked by Allah wot did we do from his given wealth to save Muslim lives. Remember Quran says if u hav saved the life of one human (need not b even Muslim) it is considered to hav saved the entire humanitys life - which at the moment is 7 billion. Which in other words means Allah will grant u the so'ab of saving 7 billion lives. How much more easier can he make earning jannah for u?

Generally zakahs r paid this time of the year to earn higher soabs, do u think it is 7 billion times more than the rest of the year if u pay it locally only. Think n b smart n b merciful towards the suffering Muslims. And if Allah wants he can also multiply that. Wealth n sufferings both r tests of Allah.. B grateful not being on the sides of oppressed n inhumanely treated Muslims in Middle East.  Farther to give them assurance n hope stand strongly next to them inshallah with as little as u hav as surplus. May Allah strengthen yor iman n feelings for the deen n ummah.

Donations for Syria:

Donation for Palestine

Thomas Cooke affiliate Money Gramme programs in my area. Just change the location locator for one close to u 

PS: don't let them get away by saying we only do inward money transfer.Simply bcoz there is a rule by Bangladesh bank that u can remit w/o prior permission (can't recall the exact figure but way above the minimum per months £70 & £30, even accumulating into yearly 840 & 360 total amounts) outside of Bangladesh. The amount prescribed by BB is for one year, Mashallah renewable every year.